Candidate Registration - Confirmation

Thank you for registering with GGT Insolvency Recruitment.

We will email you to confirm the day and time that we will call you to discuss your options.  

Job Alerts

As part of our service we issue regular Job Alerts to candidates on a regular basis and we would suggest that you look out for these and check that these are not inadvertently sent to your spam mail, or you could miss possible opportunities that are of interest!  We will, of course, contact you directly with any positions that fit your criteria, but the Job Alert provides candidates with details of all advertised opportunities, as soon as they arise.

GGT Insolvency Recruitment


What We Will Do for You

  • Treat all conversations, correspondence and information received by a candidate in strict confidence until authorised by you to pass on to the Client.
  • We do, however, include an anonymous 1 or 2 line very brief summary profile of the Candidate on our website and this will feature in one of our email newsletters sent to contacts
  • Never send out your CV without your specific agreement (although we cannot always disclose the client by name)
  • Preserve your anonymity until you agree we can disclose details
  • Remove your contact details before sending out your CV so all enquiries come back to us
  • Interview Candidates either in person or by telephone and aim to do so within 3 working days of initial contact
  • Promote Candidates to Clients as professionally and honestly as we can
  • Match Candidates to Clients using our unique professional judgement to try to avoid wasting your time
  • Arrange interviews wherever possible at times suitable to the Candidate
  • Contact you within 24 hours of an interview to discuss it with you
  • Give you feedback from the Client as soon as the Client provides it
  • Contact you when we have something of interest
  • Email you Job Alerts within 24 hours of a new position becoming available
  • Continue to keep you advised until you de-register
  • Keep your data secure and confidential
  • Provide all this for no charge


What You Can Do for Us

  • Provide us with a copy of your latest CV in Word format
  • Be honest and truthful in your CV and discussions with us and our clients
  • Provide any additional information we may need to help you secure a job
  • Treat all information regarding a position or Client in the strictest confidence and not to disclose to a third party without the Client’s permission
  • Respond promptly to emails, texts and calls regarding possible situations
  • Tell us immediately if you are prevented from attending any interview that we arrange for you
  • Tell us if you become at an advanced stage of negotiations with an employer not introduced by us (we do not need the employers name)
  • Advise us immediately should you obtain employment through other sources
  • Provide feedback when requested
  • Not to enter into any private arrangements with any client we introduce you to within 12 months
  • If we disclose the identity of a client we do so strictly in confidence + you will not contact the client direct.
  • When you accept an offer of employment you will use your best endeavours to take up the role