Covid 19

GGT Insolvency Recruitment remained open for business during the first lockdown and continues to help Insolvency Practitioners and Insolvency Candidates  throughout this difficult time, including the tier system and second lockdown.   As the global pandemic continues to create sadness across the world, we continue to recruit experienced insolvency professionals to help businesses survive the impact of Covid 19.   We have also added additional resources to broaden the range of skills available to our insolvency practice clients (see our #JoinThePool campaign).

We continue to recommend the use of phone, Zoom or other video techniques for first and second interviews to keep our candidates and clients safe during this difficult time.

Please always stay safe and keep well.

GGT Covid-19 Recommendations

At GGT Insolvency Recruitment, we want to assure you that we are taking all health and safety precautions necessary to keep our candidates and clients safe whilst the country continues to battle with the effects of Covid-19 (Coronavirus).    We are, therefore, recommending the use of technology throughout our recruitment process.

Client Meetings
Where possible, we recommend that contact with our clients be by phone, video link or email rather than face to face meetings for the time being.

Candidates Initial Interviews
GGT will conduct all initial interviews with candidates by phone, or video link such as Zoom or Whatsapp Video, or similar. Again we will not be having face to face meetings with canididates whilst the crisis continues.

Client-Candidate First Interview
Where we have sent our client a CV and our client is keen to interview the candidate, GGT will recommend that this inteview is initially by phone.

Client-Candidate Second Interview
If the first interview is successful and where there may be several candidates still in the running, we recommend that the follow up interview is by video link.

Successful Candidate Meeting
Once our client has made a final decision on the successful candidate, we suggest that it is at this point that the candidate is invited into the office.
It's important that the insolvency profession is prepared for the consequences on businesses as we all learn to live with this deadly virus, which includes having a strong team in place that are able to deal with the demands that the profession is likely to face.  So don't put your career on hold and IP's shouldn't necessarily put recruitment on hold.  Afterall, experienced insolvency professionals are a finite resource and if you leave your decision too late, it may mean that you miss out!  GGT Insolvency Recruitment are here to help you, so don't be afraid to contact us.

"Insolvency - Covid - 19 & Beyond"

Take a look at our latest vlog with thoughts and suggestions to help IPs plan their businesses and the affects of Covid-19 on businesses

#JoinThePool - Our campaign to offer IPs a broader range of skills to help businesses struggling due to lockdown

We are looking to establish a pool of business recovery, insolvency, turnaround and financial candidates with a mix of skills that can be utilised by Insolvency Practitioners on a contract or permanent basis to help rescue businesses adversely affected by Covid-19. Candidates may be involved with saving businesses and/or helping to maximise recoveries in cases where a going concern rescue cannot be achieved.

In particular, we are looking to register any of the following candidates:

  1. Experienced insolvency professionals at any level
  2. Candidates with previous insolvency experience who may wish to return to the profession
  3. Retired insolvency professionals
  4. Potential trainees - graduate or A-Level
  5. Finance specialists who have transferable skills

Additional Resources for IPs

View some of the broad range of candidate skills that are now available to IPs as a result of our #JoinThePool campaign