Progress Your Insolvency Career With The Team Who Understand Insolvency!  


Whether you are looking to progress your career in the insolvency and turnaound profession or just starting out in the profession, then we are the only recruitment specialists who have actually worked at all levels within the profession.  

From the outset you will know that you are talking to someone who has actually got some practical experience of doing the role that you are hoping to take on.

What Else Makes Us Different From The Rest?

  • Recruit at all levels right across the business recovery profession
  • Know the profession from the inside
  • Don't recruit for any other profession - we are total specialists
  • Get to know all our employer clients
  • Never send CV’s out on spec - your permission will always be requested first
  • Interview all candidates and get to know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Treat all discussions with candidates in the strictest confidence until you authorise disclosure
  • Match candidates with employers to avoid wasting your time with interviews where the fit isn't right
  • Arrange interviews with employers
  • Obtain and communicate feedback

"Life is less about dreams.......and more about shaping reality!!"

GGT Insolvency Recruitment

............can help you shape reality and help you achieve your dreams! 


If you are thinking of embarking on a career in insolvency or if you are already on the road but need a steer in the right direction, take a look at our website that offers guidance and tips of making the most of your career in insolvency.

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