We Don't Recruit For Any Other Profession!



Whether you are looking for high flyers or good, solid, reliable back room staff, why not put your trust in someone who understands the business recovery sector from the inside?  We understand the profession, having run, managed and been involved with turnaround and insolvency practices for around 40 years.

Our Approach!

We aim is to present you with only candidates that are likely to be of interest to you and the role you are looking to fill.  We do this by understanding your specific requirements and thoroughly vetting the candidates.  

 We will:

  • Discuss your business with you as well as the role
  • Agree terms with you from the outset 
  • Search the marketplace to find a suitable candidate
  • Interview all candidates before recommending them  to you
  • Send you the candidates own CV (this gives a better impression of the candidate than a summarised CV)
  • Arrange interviews
  • Follow up interviews to provide feedback to help you, the candidates and us
  • Contact you regularly to discuss ways in which we can help your business

We aim to make the whole process more streamlined and give you better value for money.


Our Charges

Our fees are totally transparent.

For recruitment we offer:

○ 17.5% of salary

○ Loyalty Discount

○ Fees agreed up front

For merger and acquisitions we charge about the same as recruiting a single IP! 


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