Insolvency Managers are Back in Demand!

After years suffering the threats of, or in too many cases actual redundancy, I'm pleased to report that demand for insolvency managers is back on the up in 2016, or it is here at GGT Insolvency Recruitment! We currently have a number of manager roles across the country and these are for the traditional formal insolvency specialist managers, as well as some interest in advisory experienced managers.

Going back, the insolvency manager and senior manager roles were an easy target to save costs as insolvency practices struggled in the absence of the normal post recession upturn in insolvency work that has never really happened this time round. But time moves on as do insolvency practices and staff. So inevitably there are gaps opening up in some practices for a safe pair of hands and some grey hairs to take control of cases. This coupled with the desire of some forward thinking practices that advisory is the next up and coming way to secure insolvency work, has slowly lead to an increasing demand for all types of manager.

So it you're a manager looking for a move, we currently have roles in the North West, Leeds, Birmingham and East Midlands. For details go to or email me on