Lockdown - Open For Business

Yes here at GGT Insolvency Recruitment we are in lockdown and working from home. It's tough times for everyone, but we are still here to help our insolvency friends if we can, although we realise that it may not quite be business as usual.

Candidates - If you are in lockdown and getting bored, feel free to give us a call to have a chat about your career in insolvency and we will give you honest advice based on our 40 years in the profession

Clients - For clients, we offer IPs the benefit of our experience and knowledge of the insolvency profession and we are happy to help you with your plans and strategy going forward. Some of that planning will be needed now so that you are prepared for when we come out of all this.

How to Contact Us (always in confidence) -
T 0333 577 5705
W www.insol-jobs.co.uk

Please remember that GGT encourages telephone interviews, Skype or other video interviews which can still be used by clients and candidates to keep the recruitment process rolling whilst we all tackle this horrible virus.

Stay safe.